Serpente - Contemporary Art Gallery – has initiated its activity in 1998.

Apart from promoting the artists it works with, Serpente – Contemporary Art Gallery aims foremost at creating the concept of a place as a meeting point for confronting ideas, artistic procedures and aesthetic alignments, determined, for its most part, by the geography of Today’s Art.

We present exhibitions that comprise the many problems of contemporary art, highlighting areas such as Photography and Installation / Site Specific but equally putting together Sculpture, Painting and Drawing events.

Inscribed along the axis of artistic contemporary practice, this is a project that somehow presents itself as a space open for discussion, where all matters regarding creation can be put forward, from those determined by the aesthetical principles that structure currents, movements or tendencies to the ones that are arise from analyzing the mechanisms that rule the circulation of the work of art.

This is an art gallery that puts forth actions of a wide transversal and experimental nature, encouraging projects that sometimes break away from what is considered the normal functioning of these kinds of places.

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